About Us 

TechnoLogiX has been serving clients since its inception and has the capability to design and build customized software programs to meet the specific needs of your business from sole proprietorships to medium and large-sized companies. Our consulting services bring you the greatest practices, technologies and business models that help you adapt rapidly in this changing environment. 

TechnoLogiX teams lead by technology and management experts with great industry experience. Our goal is to deliver cutting edge technologies to all our clients. We design software tailored to the way your business operates. We can build the software from the foundation or we will re-design your existing application in order to accomplish your goals. Understanding your business is our main concern and designing your software application promptly and cost-efficiently is our business.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Skilled professionals.

  • Flexibility to suit client requirements.

  • Long-term, high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive service.

  • Fully secured independent environment.

  • Dedicated teams work 24 x 7 exclusively on your critical applications.

  • Professional Services & Training.